Carnegie & Chloe

19th November 2023,

Raffles Hotel Singapore,

Jubilee Ballroom


Pre Wedding celebration

Styling of Super Yacht

  • Styling of yacht side railings with drapes.

  • Focus more floral pieces on the yacht bow.

  • Floral pieces in the cabin.

  • Vases will not be used for safety reasons.
Day before wedding

Floral Essentials

  • 1 Fresh Floral Bouquet

  • 1 Groom Boutonniere

  • 2 Sets of Parents Boutonnieres

  • 1 Fresh Floral Car Decoration
Wedding Day

Reception Area

  • Feature installation of circular backdrop set with floral arrangement. 

  • Photo gallery:

Portraits attached to golden frames and varity of smaller photos in golden photoframes.

  • Couple's branding at the side of photo gallery


  • 2 large faux tree as aisle markers.

  • Freeform and flowy floral arrangement along the aisle.

  • Stage decor at sides of the steps.

Guest Tables

  • 1 Fresh Floral Centrepiece for VIP Round Table.

  • 25 Guest Tables: to prepare vases for the hotel 1 week before the wedding.

  • Electronic candles pieces as deco.


Modern Elegance Meets Oriental Charm 现代优雅与东方魅力的结合

Our strength lies in our ability to curate an exquisite collection of premium fresh flowers, meticulously selected for their beauty and fragrance. With a touch of modern styling, we weave together elements of contemporary design and traditional Oriental allure.

使用典雅的花材融合 ballroom 的风格,让整体空间显得更加高贵精致.

Colour Palette

Reception Area

For a modern yet oriental wedding reception, we suggest accentuating the black and white ballroom with a touch of opulence. To achieve this, a combination of gold and green can be employed to create a truly high-class ambiance. The regal gold accents will add a sense of glamour and luxury, while the lush green elements will infuse the space with a refreshing and natural atmosphere. Together, these color choices will beautifully complement the existing black and white backdrop, creating a stunning and memorable reception area that exudes elegance and style.





decor frame, photo frames



White Hydrangea


White Tulips

Reception Area


Feature Installation

1 circular backdrop set, 2 sided with floral styling

Photo Gallery

Gold minimalist stands for larger canvas prints and smaller gold photo frames for small prints. Floral styling around the area.

Couple's branding to be included here.


2 Large FAUX Trees
30% green foliage

1 VIP Guest Table

1 Large Fresh Floral Centerpiece with various shorterfresh 

floral pieces and assorted electronic candles pieces

25 Guest Tables

To prepare vases for the hotel 1 week before the wedding. Assorted electronic candles pieces to be styled along the vases on wedding day.

Stage Decor

Floral Clusters with Chinese vases at the base of the stage